Windows Boot History – To know the Computer starting & shutdown time

Several people requires to check their boot history of their Windows Computer. The scenarios will be different for them. A few is listed below.

  • I want to check my computer starting time ( or shutdown time ) for a particular date.
  • I want to check my employee’s ( or kid etc )  computer to know when he is starting and shut down his computer.
  • I want to know is there anybody start my computer after my last shutdown.

Now let us look how to get this boot history of a computer. Here is the step by step instruction for that.

  1. Right click on “My Computer” icon on your desktop and select “Manage
  2. In the window you can see “Event Viewer” folder at left side.
  3. Expand the “Event Viewer” Folder, and click on “System
  4. In the right side, now you can see a log history.
  5. There you can watch many columns like date, time, Event, User etc.

Now you need to know the event id’s for starting ( booting ) and shutdown.

  • 6005 and 6009 for Starting ( booting )
  • 6006 for shutdown ( stopping )


Now you need to just look at the date with the specific event id ( listed above ) to know the time .

For example, consider the following data

Date column : 10/7/2011

Time column : 5.05.27 PM

Event Column : 6005( or 6006)

This means that there was a start up ( booting ) of that computer on that date and time.

By using this simple method, you can get the boot history of your windows computer. In some systems it wont workout like event logging is disabled.