What is the scope of Project Management

What is the scope of Project Management?

Projects are managed by project management techniques and project management processes. PMI defined the project management as “…the art of directing and co-ordination of human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality and participant satisfaction.”

The following are the concepts, processes and techniques of project management:

  1. Introduction defines the key terms and overview of PMBOK.
  2. The project management context explains the environment in which project management can be operated.
  3. Project management processes displays a general view of how the various project management processes interact.
  4. Project integration management explains the processes needed to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated to include project plan development, execution and overall control.
  5. Project scope management explains the processes needed to make sure that the project consists all of the work required to complete the project successfully.
  6. Project time management describes processes required to ensure timely completion of the project.
  7. Project cost management describes the processes needed to ensure that the project is completed on the estimated budget.
  8. Project quality management explains the processes required to ensure that the project meets the desired need for which it was undertaken.
  9. Project human resources management explains the process required to use people effectively and efficiently for the project.
  10. Project communication management explains the processes concerned with evaluating risk on the project.
  11. Project procurement management helps in explaining the process required to manage the acquisition of goods and services from outside vendors in support of project purposes.