What is the need of Project Management ?

What is the need of Project Management?

The task of management is eased when work is set up in projects as follows:

  • Assignment of duties is always sharpened
  • The control being simplified
  • The men who does the work can sense the accomplishment

The results that the management of project produces, take the form of a new product, service or organizational process capability there by providing an organizational entity within an industrial, military, educational, religious, or social environment. These results provide the entity with a new or improved means that enhance the organization’s ability to meet its operational ie short-term or strategic ie long-term responsibilities. The results that are produced are unexpected, at times.

Project contains a combination of organizational resources pulled together to create something which did not previously exist and which will provide a performance capability in its design and execution of organizational strategies. They have a distinct life cycle, which starts with an idea and those progresses through design, engineering and manufacturing or construction, through use by a project owner.