What are Project Management processes?

What are Project Management processes?
The following are the project management processes and each group consists of many processes under each category:

  • Planning:
    • Core process planning
      • Scope, definition and planning
      • Activity definition, sequencing and duration estimating
      • Schedule development
      • Risk management planning
      • Resource planning
      • Cost estimating and budgeting
      • Product development
    • Facilitating process planning
      • Quality, organizational, communication planning
      • Staff acquisition
      • Risk identification and analysis
      • Procurement and solicitation planning
  • Executing processes
    • Project plan execution
    • Quality assurance
    • Team development
    • Information distribution
    • Solicitation
    • Source selection
    • Contract administration
  • Control processes
    • Integrated change control
    • Scope verification and change control
    • Quality control
    • Schedule control
    • Cost control
    • Performance reporting
    • Risk monitoring and control
  • Closing processes
    • Contract close-out
    • Administrative closure

All of the above processes are not essential in a project. An effective measure in project management may also be customizing processes.