What are Project Management Activities?

In terms of major management functions the process will be viewed as follows. Effective project management has more activities or “work packages” under each of these heads:

1.  Planning:

  • Deciding project objectives, goals and strategies
  • Planning project work-break-down structure.
  • Developing procedure diagrams and time schedules.
  • Plan resource support

2.  Organizing:

  • Organizing design of project team
  • Identifying and assigning roles to team members.
  • Defining project management policies, procedure and techniques.
  • Preparing Project Management charter.
  • Establishing standards for authority, responsibility and accountability.

3.  Motivation:

  • Determining team members needs
  • Assessing motivating factors
  • Providing counseling and mentoring.

4.  Directing:

  • Developing leadership styles.
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills
  • Planning participative management techniques.
  • Developing decision making techniques.

5.  Control:

  • Deciding standards for cost, time-schedule and technical performance.
  • Developing means for evaluation of project in progress.
  • Establishing project MIS.
  • Preparing Project-review strategy.
  • Evaluating project progress.