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A computer network is defined as a collection of Computers and devices which are interconnected and can communicate and sharing the data across.Computer networks may be classified according to the network topology upon which the network is based, such as bus network, star network, ring network, mesh network.Some of the common types of computer networks are LAN ( Local area network) , PAN ( Personal area network ), HAN ( Home area network), WAN ( Wide area Network),campus network,Metropolitan area network,enterprise private network,virtual private network,internetwork,GAN (global area network),Internet,Intranet, extranet, overlay network etc.A network card, network adapter, or NIC (network interface card) is a piece of computer hardware designed to allow computers to communicate over a computer network.The main hardware components used in networking are Network interface cards,Repeaters,Bridges,Switches,Routers and Firewalls.

Networking PDF Tutorials